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 any advice for the uninitiated??

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PostSubject: any advice for the uninitiated??   7/1/2008, 12:03 am

Hello from Canada! flower
What an exciting discovery this is for simply stumbling on this site! I have been researching real estate in the area for some time and was getting discouraged by the inflated prices. I could kick myself royally for seeing opportunities when I was in Playa for the 1st time in '91 and then not taking advantage of this gut feeling that Playa was going to be much, much more than a fishing village. affraid
However, Chan Chemuyil sounds like a 2nd chance. I'll be retiring in 6 years, so it makes sense to jump on the band wagon now! bounce
I was wondering if a quiet, 50-something R.N. would be out of place in the 'hood without a mate? I have grown children who will likely spend time in Chan Chemuyil (if I decide to buy), but mostly it'll just be me and the cat. cat
Also, could someone please explain how the houses are "sold out", yet there's a wait list???
Chris from Ontario sunny
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PostSubject: Re: any advice for the uninitiated??   7/1/2008, 3:43 pm

If I have this wrong Bill will chime, but the wait list is there in the event that someone doesn't complete the purchase with their final balance paid. I'm thinking that it must be very close to that time when the last homes were sold in mid-May for the balance to be due. Who knows though when a house may come up for sale? Chris, I'm afraid to say with certainty that you will likely never see prices like this again. There are some other homes available down in in Tulum, but they are much more money, however seemingly affordable still compared to property near the beach in most places in the states and Canada. By the way, there are lots of different types of families "in the hood" and there are some very capable craftsman that are for hire. PM me if you want the info on the other places down the road - they are nearly as close to the beach as we are. Good luck with your search.
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PostSubject: Re: any advice for the uninitiated??   7/1/2008, 11:19 pm


Get on the list - it can't hurt. I don't know what may come available, but if it does you'll be informed about it. It's a great community and you'd love it, and I'm sure we'd love you too.
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PostSubject: Re: any advice for the uninitiated??   

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any advice for the uninitiated??
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