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 A funny thing happened on the way back to the airport......

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Plomero Dave


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PostSubject: A funny thing happened on the way back to the airport......   5/6/2008, 4:34 pm

Well, many of you are familier with the speed trap on the 307, I myself donated 60 bucks to the cause last time.

It's set up North bound just before the bridge to the airport. When you see the McDonalds on your left, Slow down to at least 40 KPH.

Last week, I told myself, NO WAY am I going to get pulled over again (even with my daughters pink suitcase in the back seat) as I was not going to go over the speed limit by 1 Kilometer, all the way from South of Akumal to EasyWay to return the car.

The first thing you realize is, everyone in Mexico is passing you. The next thing is, you see the signs for 100 KPH are huge, the 40 KPH, not so much. Tiny, even. Some kinda leaning way over by the ground, like they forgot to pick 'em up after Wilma.

So, anyhoo, here I am, gritting my teeth but for sure under the speed limit, when I spy the Mcdonalds coming up on my left. Well, I new I better slow down because the postage stamp leaning 40 KPH hour sign would be just ahead, followed by the speed trap.

I slow down to about 38 or so, thinking how smart I am.
A little while later, I pass an on ramp, with the policia cruising down it towards us. He keeps gaining on us (understandable as I am the slowest moving vehicle on the 307) and pulls right up to our bumber and...and...wait for it... TURNS ON HIS LIGHTS!!!

I have a feeling I sounded a little like Will Smith with my.. OH HELL NO!!

That started the slow speed chase.

Must of been quite the sight, the sunburned Gringo with the flared nostrils and a death grip on the wheel being pursued by two now very confused policia, lights on, woop, wooping me.

After a couple blocks, they decide maybe I don't notice them (yeah, right) and pull up alongside of us. The passenger cop starts jabbing his finger for me to pull over. I see my wife out of my periphial vision with her face straight ahead and her left hand out covering her view so she can't see the cops.
So, he's still jabbing the ditch thing, so I start jabbing my finger at the speedometer and then giving him the O.K. sign with my thumb and forefinger.

We go along like this for a while, and I notice we are coming up to the cops (the Closers for the ticket) that stand on the side of the road right before the bridge, milling about looking rather confused. Finally, the passenger cop cracks a small grin, points at the closers to back off and...and....wait for it.... HE WAVES ME ON!!!

Well folks, don't try this at home (or on vacation) but I guess I really was the "one that got away"

Have one for me,

The Plomero
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PostSubject: Re: A funny thing happened on the way back to the airport......   5/7/2008, 1:30 am

Dave.... Chris went to Playa about 8 times, no
problem.... going to the airport, well 60
in a 50 is $50... but pay here no
ticket.... well they got dinner on us and then
some... hope to see you again john n chris

p s will get more pics up as soon as sleep returns,,,, to much
work this time and not a lot of play... but our house
is play ready now.... paint, yard, furniture, etc, etc DONE
............ so soon play play, play

pss 15+ planted palms about 10 in the natural jungle, and
who knows what else we stuck in, lots and lots,
soo????? you.....

ok Dave the sand lot looks kool and less work but, well you met us...

john n chris
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PostSubject: Re: A funny thing happened on the way back to the airport......   5/8/2008, 9:06 am

OH MY GOSH is that funny!!!!!!! My husband is a police officer got a chuckle. Good story teller. I met your wife in the office. 1st time we got to look at our house. LOVE IT..... thanks for the story kim
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PostSubject: Re: A funny thing happened on the way back to the airport......   

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A funny thing happened on the way back to the airport......
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