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 cleanup timeline for furniture delivery

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PostSubject: cleanup timeline for furniture delivery   3/24/2008, 1:20 pm

Helloooooo A general question for Bill

I'm possibly interested in buying a package from Gringo Furniture which lead me to TIMELINE questions I need your input on.

I donít want to put the cart before the horse SOÖ.

I hear the homes usually take about a month to be cleaned after we are PAID IN FULL. If our order is included in the group order to Gringo Furniture by April 15 (Jen McDermitt advised the furniture takes about 4-8 wks thereafter to arrive) will our place be ready? Or would you suggest waiting to place our order?

Last I read (on the chat group) the cleanup crew was about 6 weeks behind.

Would you be able to send us a general timeline, in point form, from the time the balance of wire is sent to be paid in full to the time the places are cleaned and READY for our input. Of course this should also include the general time needed to make installations and other changes we request to Claudia (A/C and water lines, electric conversions, window replacements, etc.) I know it will vary depending on the request.

OR maybe you donít start cleanup and such before the titles are registered and so forth?

I think this will help others have an idea of timing. I apologize in advance if youíve covered this already. I looked thru past saved emails and wasnít able to find any of this info.

Dayle Driedger
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PostSubject: timeline questions/answers   3/27/2008, 8:27 am

This is basically for everyone here. We do nothing to any house or even put it on the schedule to be cleaned, etc. until AFTER we have verified that we have 100% of the funds in for that house.

THEN we put you on the schedule,etc. and that is the time you should be making direct contact with Claudia Nunez she is the one in charge of the schedule and also she handles any upgrades you might want to have done.

You can reach her directly AFTER you have paid the balance at
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cleanup timeline for furniture delivery
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