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 Write to my lover

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PostSubject: Write to my lover   7/17/2012, 10:33 pm

Every time I miss you will feel the heartache! This pain I do not know when is the right one at the end?I see the ray ban 3025 you sent to me before. I do not how long I will miss you,how long love you? No one can tell me, no one can decide on their own! Willful, I indulge my own feelings, my decadent, I torture your mind and body, I punish, punish this should not be there love! Tired? How many times I ask myself, and also to ask you! Love, whether it should continue? Or should it end? Probably should have ended, and is completely the end! Tears can be silent, and love went so free and easy? The wind stopped, the cloud stopped, love your heart can stop and at this moment? You? I am struggling to ask you, you are silent twisting your head to one side ...

Quietly walk with you a long journey. Along the way, we have had too much laughter, oakley outlet, sad, and tears. Know? I have been scared, I do not know that they need to accompany you to go the long way, but also to accompany you to go far. End of the road where I do not know, I know of only holding your Cheap ran ban sunglasses, go straight ahead! I do not know the road ahead is tortuous or flat, I do not know what you need for my care, but also whether I am with you. Silent, I seem to see an outcome. Is it time to leave? Break up pain, I know you're afraid to leave, have been afraid! Once in your eyes I find the courage, but the moment I found, courage has gone silent in the years to come! I find no too much courage to accept you, accept the love between each other. It is your fault or my fault, I think does not matter. At this moment, I think we need quiet. As we go peacefully together, now it is quiet away.

Do not blame me heartless, not to hate me, okay? All along, our love is a luxury, a never ending expectations! In your eyes, ran ban glass is perfect. Because I gave you a beautiful dream, give you millions of impulses, numerous expectations. When I found your heart to invest in this dream, I was struggling to dodge. So, I see you helpless eyes, your depression and cheap oakley sunglasses! You hate, hate us meet too late, and you hate, and hate not hate me give you a hope, gave you broken! I gradually changed in front of you touch the paste up, because your eyes filled with tears.

If my love to give you happy, then you will always remember this happy; my love to give you pain, you remember that such a person to give you this pain in life; my love to give you endless the scars, then you remember this endless scars, can you? If you can choose, I'd rather not know you, do not want to let myself fall in love with you, do not want to give you oakley sunglasses! Are you struggling in pain, you indulge in the pain of your own. I know this is your punishment. At the moment, no longer feel my position in your mind, but also no longer feel you deep eyes and share persistent love. I do not know such a, I finally get what is? It is also a strange pain it?

Lonely night, once again knocking ourselves: "I really love you for it?" Do you really love me? "
No one can answer me. Quiet night, I add a loneliness, a ran ban sunglasses! Well, I just let alone a man once more to enjoy this loneliness, this loneliness, this quiet. If your voice is remembered in the ear, as if you were to me the cordial. When I want to look for your shadow in the night, it was found, such as air. Zhuobu Zhu you, like you I am sinking Zhuobu Zhu beating, but the rickety oakley sunglasses! to see my heart of pain, and also look at the wounds of my heart.

No man-made me a heart light, no one can really go read the sadness of my heart. Only sort out their feelings for themselves finishing the wound with a quiet face of all the scars. The dream is indeed beautiful, I always go hand in hand with you in a dream. I know I've been away from your dreams, your dream will never without me, so a carrera sunglasses, a pain spontaneously arises. Love can not say that pain, I had to live with; tears can not let it fall? No, because the time had already burst into tears. I do not know that I need a long time before it can really forget you, I do not know whether I like your courage. However, I know this love, this heartache will accompany me for a very long day. Tomorrow will be how? I only know that, in the depths of my heart, I will secretly covered up, so that my recollection of that period in the night, think you lonely .........
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Write to my lover
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