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 Pity is the deepest love

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PostSubject: Pity is the deepest love   7/17/2012, 10:33 pm

What is love? Love which the most important thing, what is it?it is not give her the most expensive oakley outlet,When we thought that love, often do not understand. A lot of people wrong to fascination as love, fascination with perhaps only the initial stage of love, or just the seeds of love. Obsession, if you can not breed out the emotions of pity, love will quickly disappear, because the speed is really obsessed with the disappearance of the is you send her a high LV handbag,she think it is the most important gift,and you send her a cheap oakley sunglasses,she also love it as the handbag.

Also suggested that the nature of love is romantic, in fact, romantic just a surf in the ocean of love, pity is the support of the love the cornerstone of the building, especially for married couples, not each other's mutual pity, it is impossible to achieve togetherness , through thick and thin.

The pity of pity sympathy and affection, is deep sympathy; unfortunately is a treasure, ran ban sunglasses is not willing to give up the love of the shred. Pity than compassion, mercy is a condescending charity, with little superior and patronizing to meet, and the pity is departure from the respect and appreciate the tender care and giving is unconditional.

Pity love is a heart willing to each other's joy and happiness to pay the state of mind, and a help to get each other placed under the protection of a strong impulse to provide emotional and carrera sunglasses, and thus doing all it can to pet her (him), distressed her (or him), regardless of the fact if they are more powerful than the other.

What is the pity? Lover thirsty when handed a glass of water, discount oakley sunglasses, pity is out when a caution, pity the open arms when the wife cry, pity in a hurry on the way home brain flashed "If I did not come home, she will not sleep, "the idea, pity, love pain when you can not wait for her to go to pain is a feeling, pity is that" as long as he is happy, I am willing to do everything "stubborn, take pity on him as the world's most vulnerable, the most need to care for the people. Love with a pity not pretense, no exaggeration, it is deeply in love the hearts of those stationed ready to provide protection ray ban 2140 and warmth to the beloved.

With the emotions of pity, not willing to do a bit of damage each other's things, do not want to see each other a little unhappy, just want their loved ones have been able to feel happy. To this goal, to please each other, each other, meet each other's needs, the other side place the interests of their own, the other side feel is the most important person in the love life will be accompanied by catching walked in this life. This is built on the basis of pity most sincere, most strong, the most solid and most enduring love.

How much love, rainbow, no rain? How much of life,like the ray ban 3025? the only happiness, no pain? Love, will say: "You are my forever." But to the distress of the moment, how many people can remember the original promise? I remember once the love? But if Love With pity, love is no longer vulnerable, you can make people in the disaster to the temporary holding the hand of love.

Maybe we have to go through a lot of emotional ups and downs, to go the long years, was finally able to understand, we really should retain the treasure is what kind of love. Sensibility, we might miss the kind of deep pity but we ignore emotions. Therefore, when experiencing feelings collision, we need to be carefully to discern the composition of those feelings, to see exactly how many belong to pity, it should be the touchstone of love that can help us retain our love and eliminate the pseudo-love.
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Pity is the deepest love
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