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 classification of sunglasses

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PostSubject: classification of sunglasses   7/17/2012, 10:32 pm

Which in many brands of sunglasses, a lot of people pick ran ban sunglasses, and finally select their favorite brand of sunglasses, you can face many types of sunglasses do not know where to start shopping guide staff often flicker bought a see up beautiful, but not practical carrera sunglasses.
Before I have with the type of lenses that we talk about, so today we mainly talk about the sunglasses up to distinguish from the use, can be divided into type, or later buy their own sunglasses.
No matter what brand of sunglasses, according to their use can be divided into three main categories of the sun mirror, light-colored mirrors and special mirror.
The sun mirror, well understood, understood literally is used as a sun shading. In bright light if you do not wear cheap oakley sunglasses, then you can only rely on the pupils of the eye to adjust itself to the size to adjust the luminous flux, but this is limited, once the light intensity more than the human eye to adjust, it will inevitably damage the eyes. Should be used in the summer sun mirror to protect their eyes, reduce eye to self-regulation caused the fatigue and damage caused by light stimulation.
Fashion variant of the light-colored carrera sunglasses for men in fact be regarded as the sun mirror, sun blocking effect is smaller than the sun mirror, but its fundamental purpose is to play a decorative role, relying on the rich colors and trendy styles by the favor of young people in recent years , female fashion, fallen in love with this suitable for all kinds of clothing with sunglasses.
Special sunglasses is the enhanced version of the ordinary sun mirror, with a large block of the function of the light, generally have different requirements for specialized situations, commonly used in the sunlight of the beach, skiing, hiking and golf, etc., relatively strong and have a good vision of the outdoor sports. This sunglasses indicators are higher than ordinary ray ban 2140.
According to different purposes by different people should choose their own sunglasses, but it is important in the choice must be from the basic principle to protect the safety and vision of the wearer from injury. This knowledge we can refer to before me an article written by lenses that secret article, a word in the choice of porsche carrera sunglasses can not only attach importance to style and neglect the inherent quality.
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classification of sunglasses
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