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 If you didnít try to embrace

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PostSubject: If you didnít try to embrace   7/17/2012, 10:32 pm

In the crowded world,people could not see the city only with the heart to each other to understand their own!to understand what she or he want?a oakley outlet or any other things. If you donít try to embrace, it will soon be pushed to the edge of the impasse. Blue sky, the sky the stars, clear lake, rice fragrant sky, full of vigor and enthusiasm of young people wear ray ban 2140, it seems that with the city dipped in vain side. Day you are very quiet, very quiet breathing the air of this city, you will find the air so quiet you have very little impetuous, a little sad.

The day that you go on the road in a very quiet, very quiet campus, you will fall very little bit of tears. Need not shed too many tears, because no matter how much no one will remember you had to matter how much you pay for the oakley sunglasses,other people also donít know,and they are not interested in it. Are you the only leave which recalls the forgotten beautiful, whether it be forgotten conflicts of interest between those people, whether to remember the faces of some people, some smiling, some tears.or a beautiful face wear a ran ban glass, Perhaps then, with longing into the university gate, thinking about walking in the night sky of this campus, looking at memory.

When we used to try to embrace this University, will find that your love is denied by some people so-called mature. Everything will always be people who want very bad, very bad, we count as lucky, because we know that a man or a lot of good people. In the corner of those days, it is ever as silly in a daze, not, as sometimes in a bad mood is not there will be a very helpless, is not can not understand so many others help to feel very taken for cheap oakley sunglasses , sometimes for others and their own grievances. Sensible to think about it, if people say you are stupid, that prove you different, although they are under enormous torture, but at least your heart is good.

Sometimes, two thoughts in mind the struggle, not total due to the dark of the community is always the idea of a bad defeat good ideas. Who wants to walk uphill, we must make every effort to embrace! Tomorrow we come!
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If you didnít try to embrace
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