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 Through the tunnel, please take off your sunglasses

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PostSubject: Through the tunnel, please take off your sunglasses   7/17/2012, 10:31 pm

Strong summer light, and many riders or friends like to go out wearing dark carrera sunglasses for men and sunglasses,
I will give you reminder. In particular, drivers have to pay attention to. While driving, do not wear the color too
The body of sunglasses, entering the tunnel or a dark garage, be sure to Zhaixiamojing. We all May ask, what? This relationship can be great!
We have experience, the case of sudden power failure, all eyes will be temporary insomnia, what
Can not see, such as a period of time to slowly look at the things around, a phenomenon in science Become a "dark adaptation". This is easier when the car quickly into the tunnel or garage Occur. Although only a few seconds, however, is a few seconds, do not care on the possible tragedy.
Since dark adaptation, then there is no light adaptation? This is certainly yes. In the dark room suddenly
Turn on the lights. Takes a few seconds to adapt to bright light. So, personal advice, in the tunnel when
First open beam lights to blink a few times and then out before. If you can, to ensure safe To wear ran ban glass.
There is to say why the driver can not be with dark lenses? Data, when the vehicle reaches 80km / h
When the dark color of the porsche carrera sunglasses will make drivers to extend the 100 ms response to road conditions, braking distances increase
Home 2.2 meters, however, for emergencies, 1 meter is likely to be fatal! So the drivers have
The color of their cheap oakley sunglasses can not be too deep
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Through the tunnel, please take off your sunglasses
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