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 The development history of the bag

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PostSubject: The development history of the bag   6/20/2012, 10:16 pm

Cheap designer handbags started to become popular in the 16th century during late medieval and renaissance times.
cheap designer handbags, that were bigger in size, used to be worn diagonally across the body by both men and women. Those cheap handbags used to be especially considered essential by travelers as they can easily carry lots of stuff with them. The wealth or reputation of the carrier of the bag was usually conveyed with jewels that were on the designer handbags. The 17th century observed further assortment in purses; they grew smaller and took on several complicated styles with the use of embroidery to make them more attractive and pretty.

The history of purses sure has evolved and actually like we often see in fashion has come back around. While initially it was men who used purses, it then became a ladies thing and grew to become a huge fashion phenomenon. But, as we see currently there has been a revisit to men owning purses and toting them as a fashion accessory as well as more and more men are looking to own a wholesale handbags, or Manbag or Murse.
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The development history of the bag
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