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 Moving Goods to Chemuyil

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PostSubject: Moving Goods to Chemuyil   3/19/2008, 11:59 am

DHL ships 220 pounds of goods from the mountains of Vermont to Chemuyil for $360.00 US
flower flower if you have art, duvets, runners, special items you to prefer to buying in Mexico.

Hope this helpful, Julia
Belize 203 #6
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chica de chemuyil

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PostSubject: Crossing the border with Canadian furniture   3/19/2008, 7:46 pm

Hola neighbors
Driving with a truck load of stuff from Canada?
Sounds like fun......
O.K. ----got Gas 4 gallons of gas...for 75 dollars Us sounds fair, break down, hotels, getting lost, bitten by montezumas revenge, lol
cross into United, get finger printed,blood and urine sample,payola.....wheww
Drive across United...round the Gulf.....or is there a ferry across?
Who cares b/c.............Ive decided that kind of trip is only if you are running from the law..tee hee

I've heard if you drive down then at the border you pay many,many pesos to cross it over.
Almost 40% of wht the item is worth.....
1000. $ canadian =$400 canadian =$4000. peso
Is that right? (our dollar did slip a bit today.)
Well its official I will be spending some time in the stores...poor me....
See you in Chemuyil

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PostSubject: Re: Moving Goods to Chemuyil   3/19/2008, 8:01 pm

Here's some info....

Once you've obtained your FM-3, you're allowed a one-time opportunity to import a reasonable amount of household goods into Mexico. While there's no definition of "reasonable amount," be prepared for payment of taxes and some serious negotiation. Long before your move, you'll need to submit a detailed inventory, in English and Spanish, detailing all you intend to import, down to brand name and serial numbers and about $75 to the Mexican Consulate for review, stamp and approval.
According to the Mexican Consulate, you can bring your personal goods, including computers, televisions and electronic equipment into the country duty-free. Used appliances seem to fare better than those still showing the warranty card. The customs officials at the border, reading from a different primer, will likely embrace a totally different interpretation of what constitutes "household goods." Plan on a very long and expensive day at the border arguing that your van of household goods has been approved by the Mexican Consulate to enter without duty, or consider hiring a U.S. bonded freight broker, whose fees ultimately may be less than the "transition fee" (read tax) you may end up forking over as your Consulate-approved manifest is challenged.
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PostSubject: Re: Moving Goods to Chemuyil   3/19/2008, 8:05 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Moving Goods to Chemuyil   4/7/2008, 12:00 am

Chica de Chemuyil ,

Your post cracked me up is what a border crossing might look like Neutral -> Shocked -> affraid !!! We checked good old Walmart in Playa for the heck of it and would be able to set up the kitchen, linens, & bathroom for less pesos that shipping stuff so that is what we will do. One of the first items we priced out is a blender! We are your neighbours in # 5 Cuba so if you are there before us ( we are there in Aug) we'll have to come over and check out your shopping bargins. I do think we will order a sofa from Gringo Furniture. This will be a vacation home for us and eventual retirement haven.

Having Mayan Dreams,
Ross & Anne-Marie
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PostSubject: Re: Moving Goods to Chemuyil   

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Moving Goods to Chemuyil
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