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 The Streetwaves 55

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PostSubject: The Streetwaves 55   1/13/2011, 2:58 am

Inspired by cardboard adolescent to do a list of my own. But I must warn you, I'm pretty bad at reviews.

These are going to be out of order, but each of them is highly recommended. I just can't be decisive enough to rank them accurately.

Here's one to start off:

1. James Chance and the Contortions - Buy
An all-time favorite of mine, Buy Contortions is a wonderfully fun blend of punk, funk, and free jazz. It may be hit or miss at first, but once the more accessible tracks have drawn you in, you're bound to fall in love with the rest. The album gets off to a roaring start with the wildly danceable "Designed to Kill", which sets the mood of the album perfectly. Well, it's not really danceable, but it makes you want to try. The album's most famous track, "Contort Yourself", along with "Roving Eye", "Throw Me Away", and "Bedroom Athlete" all help to provide refuge for those lost by the more out-there numbers. But overall, the funky grooves and bass lines mixed with punk sensibility and confrontational vocals make for easily one of the most enjoyable, fresh, and undeniably cool records ever made.

As you can see, reviewing isn't my strong point. But maybe I'll get better as I go on.

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The Streetwaves 55
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